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Peanuts Trivia Quizzes
Peanuts reruns date conversion chart
Peanuts: Years in review [1997] [1998] [1999] [2000] [2001]
Peanuts Books Wishlist
Peanuts Collector Club Homepage
Dilbert Strip Finder
[Dilbert] [Luann] [For Better or For Worse] [Pearls Before Swine] [Cul de Sac] [Off The Mark]
[Peanuts] [FoxTrot] [Bound and Gagged] [Between Friends] [Dustin] [Sherman’s Lagoon] [Zits]
Pseudoku puzzles (i.e., Sudoku variants) that I composed for G4G7 (the 7th Gathering for Gardner)
The Onion, LarkNews, and some Christian news satire of my own
Some poems that I’ve written
A premise for a movie that I would love to see made
Goodman’s original definition of grue
Math in the Movies
Rec.humor.funny archive (jokes; some are offensive)
Look up words at Online Webster or OneLook
Comparison shop for books at Bookfinder or AddALL or BooksPrice
What does your phone number spell?
Urban Legends
Foreign currency exchange rates
Dylan’s Hakka Homepage
English/Chinese test
Hobbies: [Chess] [Othello] [Badminton] [Juggling] [Inversions: Scott Kim and John Langdon]
I have published a chess problem in Problemesis 33, problem F159
Chess problem glossary from Problemesis: [Basic] [Stipulations] [Themes] [Types of pieces] [Fairy pieces] [Common conditions] [Constraints] [Other conditions]
StrateGems magazine
Downloadable Othello programs (the best is WZebra)
Othello Java applets (the best ones are Booby Reversi, Reversi V2.4, and Panda Reverse)


Chow’s Checkerplay Challenge #1
Chow’s Checkerplay Challenge #2
Chow’s Checkerplay Challenge #3
One-page summary of backgammon opening replies
Rollouts of positions from Robertie’s 501 Essential Backgammon Problems
Rollouts of positions from Wiggins’s Boards, Blots, and Double Shots
Nigel Merrigan’s Dual E-Pip/Metric Formula for gauging races
“Naccel” pip-counting (cached from BGOnline; internal links may not work): FAQ 1 2 3 3x 4 4x 5 5x 6 6x 7 8 8x 9 10 11 12 12x
Backgammon stoplight charts
Stick’s Backgammon Forum (use this page to make diagrams for posting on Stick’s forum)
Tough backgammon quizzes by “Othello” Itikawa and others
Motif Backgammon


Ein Kleines Schach, two chess puzzles on a Klein bottle (click here for the solution)
MIT IAP Mystery Hunt (perhaps the world’s best team competition)
Rec.puzzles archive (lots of classic chestnuts)
Puzzle World (mechanical puzzles)
Tumbleweed (mechanical toys and puzzles)
Puzzle Solver (mechanical puzzle solutions)
The Grey Labyrinth (new puzzles all the time!) (puzzles with strong mathematical content)
Non-chess retrograde analysis (a small selection of highly original puzzles)
Gathering for Gardner

Where I Got My Gifs

When I downloaded free GIFs from these sites, I agreed to link to them from my own page. However, their URLs seem to keep changing. I try to keep up with this constant flux, but sometimes it’s impossible. In one case the site seems to have been absorbed into a larger entity, so I have dropped it from this list.

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