Peanuts Wishlist

Following are the Peanuts books that I currently most covet. They are all out of print, of course. Let me know if you have any of them and are interested in selling. I usually pay pretty well. (But I also won't turn them down if you give them to me as a gift just because you love me so much.) I don't care about getting first printings or anything like that, and I'm only moderately fussy about the physical condition of the book (I don't like ex-library copies though).

CAUTION: Books that say "Weekly Reader" anywhere on them are likely to be abridged! Do NOT buy Weekly Readers unless you are certain that they are unabridged.

White Knight (U.K. books):

Meet the Peanuts Gang
What Were You Saying, Charlie Brown?

Any collection of Peanuts strips in a language OTHER THAN: Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian

Peanuts comic magazines (Mile High Comics is one source for these); condition should be good or better:

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