Math Stuff

Can you identify this mysterious John H. Conway game?
Get your favorite out-of-print math book back in print!
Pseudoku puzzles that I composed for the 7th Gathering for Gardner
G. W. Peck's version of Galvin's proof of the Dinitz Conjecture

Some Old Sci.math[.research] Articles

A beginner’s guide to forcing (an improved version of Forcing for dummies)
You could have invented spectral sequences! and corrigendum. (This supersedes an earlier version of this document.)
Carrying is a 2-cocyle by James Dolan, 1994 (see also Dan Isaksen’s 2002 paper on the same topic)
Proof that 1 = 0 (nicer than the standard division-by-zero proofs)
Bill Gates once published a math paper?!
What is class field theory?
What is Polya’s counting theorem?
What are p-adic numbers?
Why does no factor of n2 – 5 end in 3 or 7?
Consistency is a piddling condition!
You can’t do that! (Illegal manipulation of regular expressions)
Tests for divisibility by seven
Trivial or non-trivial? (Dinitz conjecture)


Girls’ Angle: A Math Club for Girls
List of Duluth REU published papers
The Museum of Mathematics and the associated Math Midway
Erik Seligman’s Math Mutation Podcasts
The Open Problem Garden
Math Delights
Surviving Graduate School (by Marie desJardins)
General Relativity Tutorial (John Baez)
Duluth Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates
Michigan Math Scholars
Jeff Weeks’s Topology and Geometry Software
Neil J. A. Sloane’s On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Kinship With the Stars (Discover magazine article by Jared Diamond, May 1, 1997)
Linear Programming FAQ
TeX Users Group
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and World Combinatorics Exchange
Number Theory Web
American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Association of America
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mathematically Correct

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