Sports trivia quiz

1. What vehicle did Marcie once mistakenly call a zucchini?

2. Charlie Brown almost won a bowling tournament once. How did he blow it?

3. What did Marcie say she would do with the ninety cents she earned caddying?

4. Why did Linus’s balanced electrolyte solution fail to lead to victory?

5. Name two sports that Charlie Brown tried to win at camp to prove his worth.

6. Instead of punching their lights out, Peppermint Patty became their center. What sport?

7. What did Peppermint Patty suggest that Charlie Brown take up when she and Jose Peterson left his team?

8. Surely noone besides Charlie Brown would listen to this event on the radio.

9. Who once forfeited a boxing match by failing to come out of his corner?

10. Spike can do “one thousand one hundred and eleven.” In what sport?

11. What sports item attached to Snoopy’s doghouse interfered with his sleep?

12. Snoopy would have won this Olympic event if there hadn’t been an ocean.

13. What championship was held in Petaluma?

14. What sport did Roy try to teach Linus at camp?

15. “I could have stayed home and gotten into a nice gentle dogfight.” Instead of what?

Bonus: In The Book of Lists 3, Schulz picked out one strip as his “favorite.” What strip was it?

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