Sports trivia quiz answers

1. What vehicle did Marcie once mistakenly call a zucchini?
[A zamboni] (Being a Dog is a Full-Time Job)

2. Charlie Brown almost won a bowling tournament once. How did he blow it?
[He rolled the ball out the front door instead of down the alley]

3. What did Marcie say she would do with the ninety cents she earned caddying?
[Buy a golf ball and join the tour] (Snoopy, Top Dog)

4. Why did Linus's balanced electrolyte solution fail to lead to victory?
[They drank too much the first inning] (You're So Smart, Snoopy)

5. Name two sports that Charlie Brown tried to win at camp to prove his worth.
[Rope-climbing and canoeing] (Your Choice, Snoopy)

6. Instead of punching their lights out, Peppermint Patty became their center. What sport?
[Ice hockey] (Sing For Your Supper, Snoopy)

7. What did Peppermint Patty suggest that Charlie Brown take up when she and Jose Peterson left his team?
[Shuffleboard] (Your Choice, Snoopy)

8. Surely noone besides Charlie Brown would listen to this event on the radio.

9. Who once forfeited a boxing match by failing to come out of his corner?
[Schroeder] (Peanuts)

10. Spike can do ``one thousand one hundred and eleven.'' In what sport?
[Roller skating] (It Doesn't Take Much to Attract a Crowd)

11. What sports item attached to Snoopy's doghouse interfered with his sleep?
[A basketball hoop] (It's For You, Snoopy)

12. Snoopy would have won this Olympic event if there hadn't been an ocean.
[Figure skating] (There's No-one Like You, Snoopy)

13. What championship was held in Petaluma?
[Wrist-wrestling] (There's No-one Like You, Snoopy)

14. What sport did Roy try to teach Linus at camp?
[Fishing] (What Now, Charlie Brown?)

15. ``I could have gotten into a nice gentle dogfight.'' Instead of what?
[Watching Molly Volley argue while playing tennis] (Blaze the Trail, Snoopy)

Bonus: In The Book of Lists 3, Schulz picked out one strip as his ``favorite.'' What strip was it?
[Snoopy was jogging and his body parts were all talking: "Quiet?! I've never heard so much talk in all my life!"]

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