Rerun trivia quiz

1. What kind of pet does Rerun most desire?

2a. The first time Rerun played on Charlie Brown’s baseball team, what championship did he think they were playing for?

2b. Rerun helped Charlie Brown’s team win, but what did he later do that forced them to forfeit the game?

3. Where does Rerun hide when he doesn’t want to go to school?

4. With whom does Rerun most often play cards?

5. What kind of ball does Rerun often try to play with when he is alone, but with an utter lack of success because he is too small?

6. What gift did Rerun hope to get when he went trick-or-treating?

7. Other artists draw underground comics, but what kind of comics does Rerun draw?

8. Rather than talk about sports, what Thomas Hardy book would Rerun prefer to discuss?

9. What kind of hand-made card did Rerun try to sell from door to door (unsuccessfully, because the design looked like a baked potato)?

10a. Who cheated Rerun out of all his marbles?

10b. Who won back all of Rerun’s marbles for him?

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