Rerun trivia quiz answers

1. What kind of pet does Rerun most desire?
[A dog]

2a. The first time Rerun played on Charlie Brown's baseball team, what championship did he think they were playing for?
[The Stanley Cup] (It's Your Turn, Snoopy)

2b. Rerun helped Charlie Brown's team win, but what did he later do that forced them to forfeit the game?
[He gambled on the outcome, betting a nickel with Snoopy] (It's Your Turn, Snoopy)

3. Where does Rerun hide when he doesn't want to go to school?
[Under his bed] (1/26/98, 3/11/99, etc.)

4. With whom does Rerun most often play cards?
[Snoopy, aka Joe Blackjack] (7/20/97, 6/30/98, 2/4/99, etc.)

5. What kind of ball does Rerun often try to play with when he is alone, but with an utter lack of success because he is too small?
[A basketball] (1/11/97, 5/3/98, 2/28/99, etc.)

6. What gift did Rerun hope to get when he went trick-or-treating?
[A bicycle] (10/28/99 ff.)

7. Other artists draw underground comics, but what kind of comics does Rerun draw?
[Basement comics] (9/9/99)

8. Rather than talk about sports, what Thomas Hardy book would Rerun prefer to discuss?
[Tess of the D'Urbervilles] (11/6/99)

9. What kind of hand-made card did Rerun try to sell from door to door (unsuccessfully, because the design looked like a baked potato)?
[A Valentine] (2/10/99 ff.)

10a. Who cheated Rerun out of all his marbles?
[Joe Agate] (April 1995)

10b. Who won back all of Rerun's marbles for him?
[Charlie Brown, alias "Cool Thumb Brown."] (April 1995)

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