Real places trivia quiz

1. Who has supposedly flown over the Moselle River, the little village of Touquin, Pont-à-Mousson, and the River Marne?

2. Who defied the dress code and, when sent to the principal, made the parting remark, “Write to me in care of the Tower of London!”?

3. What was spotted flying over Candlestick Park in San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, and Bodega Bay, California?

4. Who was planning to go the the world figure-skating championships in Ljubljana via Zurich and Zagreb but then decided to stay home and watch the whole thing on TV?

5. What duo tried to find Spike in the desert but ended up in Alaska instead?

6a. Who was the only one in his class who knew where Ipanema was?
6b. Where is Ipanema?

7. Lucy once saw Charles Schulz on TV! Where was Schulz?

8. Who dodged an embarrassing question that Peppermint Patty asked over the phone by saying, “I can’t hear you…I’m on my car phone driving along the Amalfi coast in Italy”?

9. Linus once said, “I’d sure like to play that team from Taiwan!” What sport was he talking about?

10. What ailment did 65,000 soldiers at Camp Pontanezen suffer from?

11. Charlie Brown once avoided summer camp and sat on his pitcher’s mound for several days instead. Why didn’t he run away to Canada?

12. Who has an uncle in Boston?

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