Real places trivia quiz answers

1. Who has supposedly flown over the Moselle River, the little village of Toquin, Pont-a-Mousson, and the River Marne?
[Snoopy, the WWI Flying Ace] (You've Got a Friend, Charlie Brown)

2. Who defied the dress code and, when sent to the principal, made the parting remark, ``Write to me in care of the Tower of London!''?
[Peppermint Patty] (You Can't Win Them All, Charlie Brown)

3. What was spotted flying over Candlestick Park in San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, and Bodega Bay, California?
[Linus's blanket, after Lucy made it into a kite and let go of it] (Nobody's Perfect, Charlie Brown)

4. Who was planning to go the the world figure-skating championships in Ljubljana via Zurich and Zagreb but then decided to stay home and watch the whole thing on TV?
[Snoopy] (Watch Out, Charlie Brown)

5. What duo tried to find Spike in the desert but ended up in Alaska instead?
[Andy and Olaf] (8/19/97)

6a. Who was the only one in his class who knew where Ipanema was?
[Linus] (You're Not For Real, Snoopy)

6b. Where is Ipanema?
[Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

7. Lucy once saw Charles Schulz on TV! Where was Schulz?
[He was Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade from Pasadena] (They're Playing Your Song, Charlie Brown)

8. Who dodged an embarrassing question that Peppermint Patty asked over the phone by saying, ``I can't hear you..I'm on my car phone driving along the Amalfi coast in Italy''?
[Charlie Brown] (1/11/99)

9. Linus once said, ``I'd sure like to play that team from Taiwan!'' What sport was he talking about?
[Snowman-building] (They're Playing Your Song, Charlie Brown)

10. What ailment did 65,000 soldiers at Camp Pontanezen suffer from?
[Influenza] (By Supper Possessed and 7/24/96)

11. Charlie Brown once avoided summer camp and sat on his pitcher's mound for several days instead. Why didn't he run away to Canada?
[He was afraid he would get hit by a hockey puck] (You've Got to be Kidding, Snoopy)

12. Who has an uncle in Boston?
[Violet] (You're On Your Own, Snoopy)

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