Real people trivia quiz

Real people are often mentioned or alluded to in Peanuts. Here are some examples. I have chosen these so as not to duplicate Michristo’s trivia quiz on the same topic. Michristo’s quiz is not available here but I may post it someday.

1. Charlie Brown once said that he would rather have his arm fall off than be called a quitter. Who, according to Schroeder, felt the same way?

2. Who did Marcie think would be willing to kick a football with a ribbon tied around it? (Hint: she thought his nickname was the “Icebox.”)

3. Who did Linus want to write to in order to complain about Miss Othmar getting fired?

4. Sally once lied about breaking a pencil. Whose name did Charlie Brown invoke to shame Sally into repentance?

5. Snoopy once almost had arthroscopic knee surgery. According to Snoopy, who caused his injury?

6. “We girls need our heroines!” Like whom?

7. In the first film of “Beau Geste,” who played the role of “Boldini”?

8. Who did Snoopy ask to send him a hole-in-one?

9. Who, according to Charlie Brown, couldn’t kick a pile of baseball caps and end up with them all neatly stacked on his head?

10. While reciting “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” who did Sally say the stockings were hung out for?

11. Who did Sally think had his initials on an elevator button?

12. Who did Sally think “John 3:16” referred to?

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