Real people trivia quiz answers

1. Charlie Brown once said that he would rather have his arm fall off than be called a quitter. Who, according to Schroeder, felt the same way?
[Beethoven] (You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown)

2. Who did Marcie think would be willing to kick a football with a ribbon tied around it? (Hint: she thought his nickname was the ``Icebox.'')
[William ``Refrigerator'' Perry] (Talk is Cheep, Charlie Brown)

3. Who did Linus want to write to in order to complain about Miss Othmar getting fired?
[The Apostle Paul] (Don't Give Up, Charlie Brown)

4. Sally once lied about breaking a pencil. Whose name did Charlie Brown invoke to shame Sally into repentance?
[George Washington's] (You've Got a Friend, Charlie Brown)

5. Snoopy once almost had arthroscopic knee surgery. According to Snoopy, who caused his injury?
[Wayne Gretzky] (If Beagles Could Fly)

6. ``We girls need our heroines!'' Like whom?
[Rachel Carson] (You're a Brave Man, Charlie Brown)

7. In the first film of ``Beau Geste,'' who played the role of ``Boldini''?
[William Powell] (It Doesn't Take Much to Attract a Crowd)

8. Who did Snoopy ask to send him a hole-in-one?
[Norman Manley] (It Doesn't Take Much to Attract a Crowd)

9. Who, according to Charlie Brown, couldn't kick a pile of baseball caps and end up with them all neatly stacked on his head?
[Casey Stengel] (Nobody's Perfect, Charlie Brown)

10. While reciting ``'Twas the Night Before Christmas,'' who did Sally say the stockings were hung out for?
[Jack Nicklaus] (Don't Give Up, Charlie Brown)

11. Who did Sally think had his initials on an elevator button?
[Louis L'Amour] (By Supper Possessed)

12. Who did Sally think ``John 3:16'' referred to?
[John Madden] (You're on the Wrong Foot Again, Charlie Brown)

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