Money trivia quiz

1. Who was amazed that Charlie Brown was “so stupid he actually thought that Miss Othmar took money for being a teacher!”?

2. Who was mistaken for a pumpkin salesman, earning five dollars and concluding, “I never realized evangelism could be so profitable!”?

3. What famous duo earned ninety cents each for caddying?

4. Charlie Brown once saw a pair of gloves that he wanted to buy for Peggy Jean as a Christmas present. How much did the gloves cost?

5. Who bought a Mother’s Day card that said, “Dear Mother, I bought this card for you with my own money instead of giving you a hand-made one like some cheap kid I know!”?

6. How much money did Linus’s grandmother offer to donate to his favorite charity if he were to give up his blanket?

7. How much did Woodstock charge Snoopy for breaking his heart?

8. Who sent a Mother’s Day card with 17¢ postage due?

9. Who likes up-front money?

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