Money trivia quiz answers

1. Who was amazed that Charlie Brown was ``so stupid he actually thought that Miss Othmar took money for being a teacher!''?
[Linus] (All This and Snoopy, Too)

2. Who was mistaken for a pumpkin salesman, earning five dollars and concluding, ``I never realized evangelism could be so profitable!''?
[Linus] (You're On the Wrong Foot Again, Charlie Brown)

3. What famous duo earned ninety cents each for caddying?
[Peppermint Patty and Marcie]

4. Charlie Brown once saw a pair of gloves that he wanted to buy for Peggy Jean as a Christmas present. How much did the gloves cost?
[Twenty-five dollars] (12/1/90 or 12/4/97)

5. Who bought a Mother's Day card that said, ``Dear Mother, I bought this card for you with my own money instead of giving you a hand-made one like some cheap kid I know!''?
[Lucy] (It's All Yours, Snoopy)

6. How much money did Linus's grandmother offer to donate to his favorite charity if he were to give up his blanket?
[Ten dollars] (You're So Smart, Snoopy)

7. How much did Woodstock charge Snoopy for breaking his heart?
[Six dollars] (It's Your Turn, Snoopy)

8. Who sent a Mother's Day card with 17 cents postage due?
[Spike] (It Doesn't Take Much to Attract a Crowd)

9. Who likes up-front money?
[Tapioca Pudding] (Talk is Cheep, Charlie Brown)

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