Lucy trivia quiz 2

1a. Back in the days that the Peanuts girls wore dresses, what color was Lucy’s dress usually?
1b. Describe the shoes she had back then.

2. Lucy objected to Charlie Brown’s claim that “beauty is only skin deep.” What kind of beauty did she think she had?

3a. Lucy studied many books, each one a course in itself, in order to become an expert at what?
3b. Give the title of one of these books.

4. What “volunteer” did Lucy find to be a baseball scout?

5. The title of one Fawcett Crest book is How Does She Do That, Charlie Brown? Do what?

6. Who was as “thin as a promise” until Lucy fattened him up with milkshakes and other goodies?

7. What did Lucy think was causing the world to become smaller?

8. What novel method did Lucy develop to combat cold germs?

9. What science project did Lucy do that won her first prize?

10. What word did Lucy find in the Bible that she thought proved that Linus had to give her a Christmas present?

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