Lucy trivia quiz 2 answers

1a. Back in the days that the Peanuts girls wore dresses, what color was Lucy's dress usually?
1b. Describe the shoes she had back then.
[White with a black stripe]

2. Lucy objected to Charlie Brown's claim that ``beauty is only skin deep.'' What kind of beauty did she think she had?
[Very thick beauty]

3a. Lucy studied many books, each one a course in itself, in order to become an expert at what?
3b. Give the title of her favorite of these books.
[I Was a Fussbudget for the FBI]

4. What ``volunteer'' did Lucy find to be a baseball scout?

5. The title of one Fawcett Crest book is How Does She Do That, Charlie Brown? Do what?
[Levitate by blowing bubble gum]

6. Who was as ``thin as a promise'' until Lucy fattened him up with milkshakes and other goodies?

7. What did Lucy think was causing the world to become smaller?
[People walking on the ground and wearing down the earth]

8. What novel method did Lucy develop to combat cold germs?
[She would stomp on germs that her patients coughed out]

9. What science project did Lucy do that won her first prize?
[``The Security Blanket'']

10. What word did Lucy find in the Bible that she thought proved that Linus had to give her a Christmas present?

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