Lucy trivia quiz

1a. What boy does Lucy like?
1b. What other girl has on a couple of occasions occupied Lucy’s customary position near this boy?

2a. What does Lucy’s booth (usually) say?
2b. Describe two occasions when Lucy had an assistant substitute for her.

3a. In the 1950’s, Lucy would consistently beat Charlie Brown at a certain game. What game?
3b. Once Lucy exulted that she was the first person ever to have won ten thousand games in a row. What was Charlie Brown’s response?

4a. What is the usual fate of fly balls headed in Lucy’s direction?
4b. Name three things that Lucy has claimed “got in her eyes” and thus prevented her from fielding successfully.

5a. In what sport did Lucy compete against the Masked Marvel?
5b. Lucy and Snoopy once had a boxing match. What was the outcome?

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