Lucy trivia quiz answers

1a. What boy does Lucy like?
1b. What other girl has on a couple of occasions occupied Lucy's customary position near this boy?

2a. What does Lucy's booth (usually) say?
2b. Describe two occasions when Lucy had an assistant substitute for her.
[Snoopy, wearing glasses, fell asleep while Charlie Brown was talking to him; Schroeder told Charlie Brown to go listen to a Brahms piano quartet to cure his depression]

3a. In the 1950's, Lucy would consistently beat Charlie Brown at a certain game. What game?
3b. Once Lucy exulted that she was the first person ever to have won ten thousand games in a row. What was Charlie Brown's response?
[I'm the first person to have LOST ten thousand games in a row!]

4a. What is the usual fate of fly balls headed in Lucy's direction?
[They bounce off her head with a loud BONK!]
4b. Name three things that Lucy has claimed ``got in her eyes'' and thus prevented her from fielding successfully.
[The sun, the moons of Saturn, the clouds, grass, dandelions, the future, hope, fall, the season, air, the past, a fossil]

5a. In what sport did Lucy compete against the Masked Marvel?
5b. Lucy and Snoopy once had a boxing match. What was the outcome?
[Snoopy ended up with Lucy's gloves on his front paws and Lucy ended up with Snoopy's glove on her nose]

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