Love trivia quiz

1. What kind of sandwich does Charlie Brown eat while admiring the little red-haired girl from afar?

2. “That’s like me falling in love with a can of dog food!” What is?

3. Who allegedly gave Snoopy a solid silver water dish?

4. Who said, “I wouldn’t marry you unless you were the last girl on earth!”?

5. “Charlie Brown, you worry about the most impossible things.” Such as what?

6. “He knows everything!” “He even has a sense of humor!” Who does?

7. “The good news is that the bride and the best-man are here. The bad news is they just ran off together!” Whose wedding?

8. “Kiss her, you blockhead!” Kiss who?

9. Who likes Brownie Charles?

10. “She likes horses, and he doesn’t!” Who are he and she?

11. What physical feature of hers does Peppermint Patty worry about most?

12. One of Snoopy’s relationships didn’t work out because of “strong religious differences.” What was the problem, specifically?

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