Love trivia quiz answers

1. What kind of sandwich does Charlie Brown eat while admiring the little red-haired girl from afar?
[Peanut butter sandwiches] (You're Something Special, Snoopy and elsewhere)

2. ``That's like me falling in love with a can of dog food!'' What is?
[Woodstock falling in love with a worm] (You're On Your Own, Snoopy)

3. Who allegedly gave Snoopy a solid silver water dish?
[Truffles] (Let's Hear It For Dinner, Snoopy)

4. Who said, ``I wouldn't marry you unless you were the last girl on earth!''?
[Schroeder] (Let's Face It, Charlie Brown!)

5. ``Charlie Brown, you worry about the most impossible things.'' Such as what?
[Getting his hand caught in the mail slot while depositing a Valentine for the little red-haired girl and then having someone open the door while he hangs there] (You're Hopeless, Charlie Brown!)

6. ``He knows everything!'' ``He even has a sense of humor!'' Who does?
[Linus, according to Sally] (This Is Your Life, Charlie Brown)

7. ``The good news is that the bride and the best man are here. The bad news is that they just ran off together!'' Whose wedding?
[Snoopy's] (Snoopy, Top Dog)

8. ``Kiss her, you blockhead!'' Kiss who?
[Marcie] (Go Fish, Snoopy or Good Morning, Snoopy)

9. Who likes Brownie Charles?
[Peggy Jean]

10. ``She likes horses, and he doesn't!'' Who are he and she?
[Shermy and Violet] (We're On Your Side, Charlie Brown)

11. What physical feature of hers does Peppermint Patty worry about most?
[Her nose]

12. One of Snoopy's relationships didn't work out because of ``strong religious differences.'' What was the problem, specifically?
[The girl, a coyote, ate bunnies] (Let's Hear It For Dinner, Snoopy)

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