Linus trivia quiz 2

1. What “strange creature” did Linus find in Woodstock’s nest?

2. What treasured possession of Linus’s has Lucy on various occasions made into a penguin, a kite, a flannelgraph, and a set of flannel squares for cleaning Linus’s glasses?

3. By whom was Linus “out-Christmased” because she lied to him about her address, thereby enabling her to send Linus a card without getting one in return?

4. Why does Linus want to be a “theologian in the market place”?

5. Who, according to Charlie Brown, appeared in a very sincere pumpkin patch owned by someone named Freeman in New Jersey?

6. What kind of animal did Linus think the Department of Agriculture would give him for free if he were a member of ‘4H’?

7. Linus and Snoopy lacked the courage to let Lucy extract this from their hands, even though the process was not as drastic as open-heart surgery.

8. For whose wedding did Linus prepare a sermon?

9. Who was watching when Linus pitched a great baseball game, and excitedly ran up to him afterwards to give him a big hug?

10. Charlie Brown once asked Linus if he had ever taken a stress test. What was Linus’s response?

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