Linus trivia quiz 2 answers

1. What ``strange creature'' did Linus find in Woodstock's nest?
[An egg]

2. What treasured possession of Linus's has Lucy on various occasions made into a penguin, a kite, a flannelgraph, and a set of cloth squares for cleaning Linus's glasses?
[His blanket]

3. By whom was Linus ``out-Christmased'' because she lied to him about her address, thereby enabling her to send Linus a card without getting one in return?

4. Why does Linus want to be a ``theologian in the market place''?
[Because that's where the lettuce is]

5. Who, according to Charlie Brown, appeared in a very sincere pumpkin patch owned by someone named Freeman in New Jersey?
[The Great Pumpkin]

6. What kind of cow did Linus think the Department of Agriculture would give him for free if he were a member of `4H'?
[A polled Hereford]

7. Linus and Snoopy lacked the courage to let Lucy extract this from their hands, even though the process was not as drastic as open-heart surgery.
[A sliver]

8. For whose wedding did Linus prepare a sermon?

9. Who was watching when Linus pitched a great baseball game, and excitedly ran up to him afterwards to give him a big hug?
[The little red-haired girl]

10. Charlie Brown once asked Linus if he had ever taken a stress test. What was Linus's response?
[``I live with one!'']

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