Left or right?

Which side of the panel—left or right?

1. The direction that Charlie Brown pitches towards.
2. The direction that students sitting in the classroom face.
3. Snoopy’s head when he sleeps on his doghouse.
4. The kids’ heads when they sleep in a bed.
5. Linus’s blanket, when he sucks his thumb and holds his blanket.
6. The patient’s stool by Lucy’s psychiatric booth.
7. Schroeder, when he plays the piano.
8. The direction Charlie Brown runs towards to kick the football.
9. The box office at the movie theater.
10. The direction Rerun faces while sitting on the back of his mom’s bike.
11. The direction Snoopy faces when he types on top of his doghouse.
12. The direction Snoopy faces when he’s flying his Sopwith Camel.

Note: in some cases there are exceptions to the general rule, but in all cases one direction is definitely dominant.

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