Left or right answers

Which side of the panel—left or right?

1. The direction that Charlie Brown pitches towards.
[Left] (5/15/68)
2. The direction that students sitting in the classroom face.
[Right] (3/26/72)
3. Snoopy’s head when he sleeps on his doghouse.
[Left] (1/31/72)
4. The kids’ heads when they sleep in a bed.
[Left] (3/23/93)
5. Linus’s blanket, when he sucks his thumb and holds his blanket.
[Right] (5/15/72)
6. The patient’s stool by Lucy’s psychiatric booth.
[Right] (10/20/70)
7. Schroeder, when he plays the piano.
[Left] (2/4/98)
8. The direction Charlie Brown runs towards to kick the football.
[Left] (10/11/70)
9. The box office at the movie theater.
[Right] (11/19/67)
10. The direction Rerun faces while sitting on the back of his mom’s bike.
[Left] (2/1/86)
11. The direction Snoopy faces when he types on top of his doghouse.
[Left] (5/27/73)
12. The direction Snoopy faces when he’s flying his Sopwith Camel.
[Right] (10/12/66)

Note: in some cases there are exceptions to the general rule, but in all cases one direction is definitely dominant.

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