Joe Garagiola trivia quiz

Joe Garagiola was mentioned many times in Peanuts. Identify the speakers of the following quotations.

1. They have a special on…with every toy piano you buy, you get a photograph of Joe Garagiola.

2. Maybe it's Joe Garagiola calling me, or Bobby Hull or Kermit Zarley.

3. There's Joe Garagiola, and Jack Nicklaus, and Bobby Orr, and Fred Glover, and Hank Aaron, and Pancho Gonzales and..

4. You should be flattered, Marcie…I could have traded you for Joe Garagiola!

5. Even Joe Garagiola had a cap!

6. I'm writing a letter to Joe Garagiagiariolia.

7. If Joe Garagiola sees this, I'll never live it down..

8. Our teacher wants us to do a ten-page report on a famous person..I chose Joe Garagiola.

9. Sure, and then after you retire, you can go on TV like Joe Garagiola.

10. And it says here that Joe Garagiola is now in the Baseball Hall of Fame!

11. (Sign) - FOR SALE - Joe Garagiola autographed baseball: Make me an offer

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