Joe Garagiola trivia quiz answers

Joe Garagiola was mentioned many times in Peanuts. Identify the speakers of the following quotations.

1. They have a special on…with every toy piano you buy, you get a photograph of Joe Garagiola.
[Schroeder] (2/1/69)

2. Maybe it's Joe Garagiola calling me, or Bobby Hull or Kermit Zarley.
[Snoopy] (5/18/69)

3. There's Joe Garagiola, and Jack Nicklaus, and Bobby Orr, and Fred Glover, and Hank Aaron, and Pancho Gonzales and..
[Charlie Brown] (12/30/69)

4. You should be flattered, Marcie…I could have traded you for Joe Garagiola!
[Peppermint Patty] (3/9/76)

5. Even Joe Garagiola had a cap!
[Marcie] (4/9/76)

6. I'm writing a letter to Joe Garagiagiariolia.
[Sally] (8/7/82)

7. If Joe Garagiola sees this, I'll never live it down..
[Charlie Brown] (8/16/86)

8. Our teacher wants us to do a ten-page report on a famous person..I chose Joe Garagiola.
[Sally] (2/6/88)

9. Sure, and then after you retire, you can go on TV like Joe Garagiola.
[Charlie Brown] (7/12/90)

10. And it says here that Joe Garagiola is now in the Baseball Hall of Fame!
[Schroeder] (5/21/91)

11. (Sign) - FOR SALE - Joe Garagiola autographed baseball: Make me an offer
[Charlie Brown] (12/10/97)

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