Food trivia quiz 2

1. What food does the Peanuts gang hate when it gets soggy?

2. What, according to Lucy, loses all its flavor when you cut it instead of folding it over?

3. Who has Sally described as “that grape jelly person”?

4a. What delicacy did Snoopy suggest they should serve Spike on his first visit from Needles?

4b. What did Lucy suggest would be more appropriate when she saw Spike’s physique?

5. What was Lydia’s reaction when Linus ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream?

6. On an airplane flight, Marcie said she would like to offer Schroeder a choice between rack of lamb and beef bordelaise. But she couldn’t. So what did she offer instead?

7. Knowing that Snoopy likes dollar-sized pancakes, Charlie Brown once made him…what?

8. Charlie Brown to Pigpen: “They all look black to me!” What?

9. Very few things in life make you feel more foolish than sitting alone on a toboggan in the desert holding…what?

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