Food trivia quiz 2 answers

1. What food does the Peanuts gang hate when it gets soggy?
[Cold cereal]

2. What, according to Lucy, loses all its flavor when you cut it instead of folding it over?
[A bread and butter sandwich]

3. Who has Sally described as ``that grape jelly person''?
[Tapioca Pudding]

4a. What delicacy did Snoopy suggest they should serve Spike on his first visit from Needles?
[Eggs Benedict]

4b. What did Lucy suggest would be more appropriate when she saw Spike's physique?
[Ten pounds of buffalo steak]

5. What was Lydia's reaction when Linus ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream?
[Most older people like vanilla!]

6. On an airplane flight, Marcie said she would like to offer Schroeder a choice between rack of lamb and beef bordelaise. But she couldn't. So what did she offer instead?
[A banana]

7. Knowing that Snoopy likes dollar-sized pancakes, Charlie Brown once made him...what?
[Penny pancakes]

8. Charlie Brown to Pigpen: ``They all look black to me!'' What?
[Pigpen's multicolored jelly beans]

9. Very few things in life make you feel more foolish than sitting alone on a toboggan in the desert holding...what?
[A tuna casserole]

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