Food trivia quiz 1

1. What drink does Snoopy quaff with Bill Mauldin every Veterans Day?

2. What’s the perfect kind of sandwich to eat when you’re staring across a school playground at lunch time at a pretty little red-haired girl that you know you’re never going to meet?

3. What food item does Snoopy most often hear calling him?

4. If a member of the Peanuts gang orders an ice cream cone with chocolate and vanilla, which flavor goes on top?

5. Who has mastered the art of levitation using bubble gum?

6. What food item saved Snoopy from a precarious position under an icicle?

7. What snack do the Beagle Scouts often prepare in unorthodox ways by the campfire?

8. What snack does Snoopy find awkward to eat because it squirts stuff out the sides?

9. Who claims that if French fries were bad for you, there would be a warning on the side of each one?

10. Who is prepared to say anything, no matter how nauseating, for a piece of divinity?

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