Food trivia quiz 1 answers

1. What drink does Snoopy quaff with Bill Mauldin every Veterans Day?
[Root beer] (10/28/74)

2. What’s the perfect kind of sandwich to eat when you’re staring across a school playground at lunch time at a pretty little red-haired girl that you know you’re never going to meet?
[A peanut butter sandwich] (3/22/66)

3. What food item does Snoopy most often hear calling him?
[A chocolate chip cookie (sometimes a doughnut)] (6/12/88, 6/6/92)

4. If a member of the Peanuts gang orders an ice cream cone with chocolate and vanilla, which flavor goes on top?
[Chocolate; it leaves a better aftertaste] (7/10/89)

5. Who has mastered the art of levitation using bubble gum?
[Lucy] (8/16/81)

6. What food item saved Snoopy from a precarious position under an icicle?
[Pizza] (2/13/60)

7. What snack do the Beagle Scouts often prepare in unorthodox ways by the campfire?
[Marshmallows] (4/5/90)

8. What snack does Snoopy find awkward to eat because it squirts stuff out the sides?
[A jelly doughnut] (5/20/79)

9. Who claims that if French fries were bad for you, there would be a warning on the side of each one?
[Peppermint Patty] (3/18/86)

10. Who is prepared to say anything, no matter how nauseating, for a piece of divinity?
[Linus] (2/11/63)

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