Doctor! Doctor!

1. Who had the awful feeling that he might be an emergency?

2. What operation did Marcie grimly predict would lead to hepatitis?

3. What did Snoopy wear to cure his arthritis?

4. Who had amblyopia?

5. Who banned a Helen Sweetstory book from the school library?

6. How was Snoopy cured of his fear of things that go bump in the night?

7. When Marcie finally persuaded Peppermint Patty to go to the doctor to determine why she kept falling asleep in class, what was the diagnosis?

8. What condition was Snoopy in at the end of World War I?

9. Who were the “sore-arm buddies” and what caused the sore arms?

10. Who wants to be a country doctor and to write a syndicated medical column when he grows up?

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