Doctor! Doctor! answers

1. Who had the terrible feeling that he might be an emergency?
[Charlie Brown]

2. What operation did Marcie grimly predict would lead to hepatitis?

3. What did Snoopy wear to cure his arthritis?
[A copper bracelet]

4. Who had amblyopia?

5. Who banned a Helen Sweetstory book from the school library?
[Charlie Brown's pediatrician]

6. How was Snoopy cured of his fear of things that go bump in the night?
[By Lucy's psychiatry]

7. When Marcie finally persuaded Peppermint Patty to go to the doctor to determine why she kept falling asleep in class, what was the diagnosis?
[Unrequited love]

8. What condition was Snoopy in at the end of World War I?
[He had the flu]

9. Who were the ``sore-arm buddies'' and what caused the sore arms?
[Charlie Brown had Little Leaguer's Elbow and Snoopy had a rabies shot]

10. Who wants to be a country doctor and to write a syndicated medical column when he grows up?

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