Book trivia quiz

1. Who suggested splitting up the task of a reading assignment by having Franklin read “War,” Marcie read “Peace,” and herself read “and”?

2. What book did Charlie Brown repeatedly put off reading, finally finishing his report at three o’clock in the morning the night before it was due?

3. Snoopy has come up with some curious titles for his stories.

4. What book did Rerun, tired of Dick and Jane, suggest that his kindergarten teacher read from?

5a. Sally tried to write a report on this book (which she thought was written by “Laurel N. Hardy” instead of Thomas Hardy) after reading only the first word.

5b. Sally decided that she could fake a report on this book knowing only that “it’s about pirates.”

6. Peppermint Patty was unimpressed that Marcie had read this book, because it was so short—until Marcie mentioned that she had read it in French.

7a. What book did Linus suggest hitting Lucy’s ganglion with to cure it?
7b. What book did he end up using by mistake?

8. Linus once wrote a book report saying that he couldn’t understand the emotions involved because he wasn’t married. What book was it?

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