Book trivia quiz answers

1. Who suggested splitting up the task of a reading assignment by having Franklin read ``War,'' Marcie read ``Peace,'' and herself read ``and''?
[Peppermint Patty]

2. What book did Charlie Brown repeatedly put off reading, finally finishing his report at three o'clock in the morning the night before it was due?
[Gulliver's Travels]

3. Snoopy has come up with some curious titles for his stories.

4. What book did Rerun, tired of Dick and Jane, suggest that his kindergarten teacher read from?
[Anna Karenina]

5a. Sally tried to write a report on this book (which she thought was written by ``Laurel N. Hardy'' instead of Thomas Hardy) after reading only the first word.
[Tess of the D'Urbervilles]

5b. Sally decided that she could fake a report on this book knowing only that ``it's about pirates.''
[Treasure Island]

6. Peppermint Patty was unimpressed that Marcie had read this book, because it was so short - until Marcie mentioned that she had read it in French.
[The Little Prince]

7a. What book did Linus suggest hitting Lucy's ganglion with to cure it?
[The Bible]
7b. What book did he end up using by mistake?
[A Tale of Two Cities]

8. Linus once wrote a book report saying that he couldn't understand the emotions involved because he wasn't married. What book was it?
[Ethan Frome]

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