Snoopy's alter egos quiz 2 answers

1. Who does Snoopy quaff a few root beers with every Veterans' Day?
[Bill Mauldin]

2. Where can you see War and Peace, a Cast of Thousands, the parting of the Red Sea, and Rhett walking out on Scarlett?
[Snoopy's Pawpet Theater]

3. This alter ego duelled Lucy at wrist wrestling on even terms.
[The Masked Marvel]

4. Charlie Brown and Linus tracked down this football fiend by following his footprints in the newfallen snow.
[The Mad Punter]

5. This is a conditioned reflex that Snoopy's been able to do for years, but once he lost his picture.
[The Cheshire Beagle]

6. He beat the Americans, the Russians, and even the stupid cat who lives next door! At what?
[Getting to the moon]

7. Snoopy could never be a real one of these because he'd be too embarrassed to squeeze girls.
[A python]

8. How did Snoopy prove to Linus that he was a real hockey player?
[He showed him his many missing teeth]

9. Every year he comes up with a better entrance!
[The Easter Beagle]

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