Snoopy’s alter egos quiz 2

1. Who does Snoopy quaff a few root beers with every Veterans Day?

2. Where can you see War and Peace, a Cast of Thousands, the parting of the Red Sea, and Rhett walking out on Scarlett?

3. This alter ego duelled Lucy at arm wrestling on even terms.

4. Charlie Brown and Linus tracked down this football fiend by following his footprints in the new-fallen snow.

5. This is a conditioned reflex that Snoopy’s been able to do for years, but once he lost his picture.

6. He beat the Americans, the Russians, and even the stupid cat who lives next door! At what?

7. Snoopy could never be a real one of these because he’d be too embarrassed to squeeze girls.

8. How did Snoopy prove to Linus that he was a real hockey player?

9. Every year he comes up with a better entrance!

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