TV trivia quiz

1. Does Schulz usually draw TV’s on the right or left edge of the panel?

2. Whose parents bought him his own TV-watching chair?

3. What book did Sally hope would be on TV so she wouldn’t have to read it?

4. What did Sally hear on TV that made her think that the world would end?

5. Snoopy once concluded a long soliloquy in defense of TV with a single complaint. What was that complaint?

6. “All I know is, it gives us a better picture.” What?

7. Who once turned on the TV only to be startled by the message, “Why aren’t you in school?”

8. Linus once described an amazing last-minute comeback by a football team. What was Charlie Brown’s reaction?

9. Who has watched Citizen Kane more often, Linus or Lucy?

10. Linus and Charlie Brown witnessed a riot on TV once. Where was the riot?

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