TV trivia quiz answers

1. Does Schulz usually draw TV's on the right or left edge of the panel?

2. Whose parents bought him his own TV-watching chair?
[Linus] (Have It Your Way, Charlie Brown)

3. What book did Sally hope would be on TV so she wouldn't have to read it?
[Tess of the D'Urbervilles] (Could You Be More Pacific? 7/20/88)

4. What did Sally hear on TV that made her think that the world would end?
[``There's no tomorrow!''] (You Asked For It, Charlie Brown)

5. Snoopy once concluded a long soliloquy in defense of TV with a single complaint. What was that complaint?
[He always had to wait for someone else to turn the TV on] (All This and Snoopy, Too)

6. ``All I know is, it gives us a better picture.'' What?
[Having Snoopy sit on top of the TV with his ears extended like a TV antenna] (Let's Face It, Charlie Brown!)

7. Who once turned on the TV only to be startled by the message, ``Why aren't you in school?''
[Shermy] (The Wonderful World of Peanuts)

8. Linus once described an amazing last-minute comeback by a football team. What was Charlie Brown's reaction?
[How did the other team feel?] (Watch Out, Charlie Brown)

9. Who has watched Citizen Kane more often, Linus or Lucy?
[Lucy] (They're Playing Your Song, Charlie Brown)

10. Linus and Charlie Brown witnessed a riot on TV once. Where was the riot?
[At the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm] (You've Got To Be You, Snoopy)

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