Charlie Brown trivia quiz 2

1. Who is Charlie Brown’s favorite baseball player?

2a. What was Charlie Brown trying to do when his teammates shouted at him to “slide, Charlie Brown, slide!”?
2b. How far did he get?

3. The other Peanuts kids often insult Charlie Brown. What insulting term do they use most frequently?

4. Charlie Brown once had a great camp experience: the girls talked about him, and he got to go home early. But what was the best thing of all?

5. Frustrated with ink smudges, Charlie Brown started calling his pen-pal something else. What?

6. On what holiday does Charlie Brown yearn most desperately for mail?

7. For what service did Lucy once charge Charlie Brown $143?

8. Who does Charlie Brown caddy for?

9. Charlie Brown was once elected camp president! How did the other kids address him?

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