Charlie Brown trivia quiz 2 answers

1. Who is Charlie Brown's favorite baseball player?
[Joe Shlabotnik] (It's Raining On Your Parade, Charlie Brown)

2a. What was Charlie Brown trying to do when his teammates shouted at him to ``slide, Charlie Brown, slide!''?
[Steal home] (Slide, Charlie Brown! Slide!)
2b. How far did he get?
[Less than halfway] (Slide, Charlie Brown! Slide!)

3. The other Peanuts kids often insult Charlie Brown. What insulting term do they use most frequently?

4. Charlie Brown once had a great camp experience: the girls talked about him, and he got to go home early. But what was the best thing of all?
[He didn't have to clean out the grease trap] (You've Come a Long Way, Snoopy)

5. Frustrated with ink smudges, Charlie Brown started calling his pen-pal something else. What?
[His pencil-pal] (All This and Snoopy, Too)

6. On what holiday does Charlie Brown yearn most desperately for mail?
[Valentine's Day]

7. For what service did Lucy once charge Charlie Brown $143?
[Showing him slides of all his faults] (You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown)

8. Who does Charlie Brown caddy for?

9. Charlie Brown was once elected camp president! How did the other kids address him?
[``Mr. Sack'' or ``Sack''] (You Asked For It, Charlie Brown)

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