Charlie Brown trivia quiz

1a. What is the most common fate of the kites that Charlie Brown flies?
1b. List some other ways his kites have met their demise.

2a. What famous scenario involving Charlie Brown and a football repeats year after year?
2b. Once, the scenario did not end in the standard way. What happened instead?

3a. What does Marcie call Charlie Brown?
3b. Sally once told Charlie Brown to “Kiss her (Marcie), you blockhead!” In what context?

4a. What is Charlie Brown’s father’s occupation?
4b. Charlie Brown once pondered the rising cost of living and imagined a sign outside his father’s shop that exhibited an exorbitant price for his father’s services. What was the price?

5a. In the film, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, what word does Charlie Brown misspell?
5b. In the strip, Charlie Brown also once entered a spelling bee. What word did he misspell?

6a. What usually happens when Charlie Brown is hit by a line drive on the pitcher’s mound?
6b. What ailment did Charlie Brown once get that forced him to stop pitching for a while?

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