Charlie Brown trivia quiz answers

1a. What is the most common fate of the kites that Charlie Brown flies?
[They end up in a kite-eating tree]
1b. List some other ways his kites have met their demise.
[Down a sewer, burned, exploded, impaled on Violet's toy tree or Lucy's arm]

2a. What famous scenario involving Charlie Brown and a football repeats year after year?
[He tries to kick it but Lucy pulls it away]
2b. Once, the scenario did not end in the standard way. What happened instead?
[Lucy held the ball but Charlie Brown kicked her hand]

3a. What does Marcie call Charlie Brown?
[Charles (formerly Chuck)]
3b. Sally once told Charlie Brown to ``Kiss her (Marcie), you blockhead!'' In what context?
[Marcie told him she liked him]

4a. What is Charlie Brown's father's occupation?
4b. Charlie Brown once pondered the rising cost of living and imagined a sign outside his father's shop that exhibited an exorbitant price for his father's services. What was the price?
[Ten dollars]

5a. In the film, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, what word does Charlie Brown misspell?
[Beagle (``beagel'')]
5b. In the strip, Charlie Brown also once entered a spelling bee. What word did he misspell?
[Maze (``Mays'')]

6a. What usually happens when Charlie Brown is hit by a line drive on the pitcher's mound?
[His shirt, shoes, and socks are knocked off]
6b. What ailment did Charlie Brown once get that forced him to stop pitching for a while?
[Little Leaguer's Elbow]

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