Peever Backgame Quiz

On Memorial Day in 2013, Paul Weaver (a.k.a. Peever) devised a very interesting quiz consisting of ten backgame positions. I am not sure if Paul ever posted official rollouts for his quiz. Someone did do some rollouts and made them available, but I am not sure who that was, and I do not remember where I originally came across those rollouts. They are the only rollouts I have seen publicly posted for this quiz.

I noticed that the rollouts were not performed with very strong settings, so I decided to do my own rollouts with stronger settings and more candidates. Qualitatively, my rollouts mostly agree with the earlier rollouts, but in Position 4, there is a striking difference. It seems that the person who did the previous rollouts accepted at face value the top candidate plays suggested by XG and did not bother rolling out other plausible plays.

Of course, with positions as complicated as these, it is hard to be sure that even with strong rollout settings, XG is playing “correctly,” but it is the best we can do with today’s technology (2020).

Original quiz (or click here for a cached copy)
Old rollouts (author unknown)
New rollouts (by me)

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