Christmas trivia quiz 2 answers

1. Charlie Brown once bemoaned the greediness of everyone else at Christmas time. When challenged that he was just like everybody else, how did he respond?
[He disagreed, saying that he felt guilty about it]

2. What duo suddenly switched from fighting each other to loving each other when Charlie Brown reminded them of Santa Claus?
[Linus and Lucy]

3. What duo was bemoaning their insignificance in Santa Claus's eyes when all of a sudden Santa gave them ties as Christmas presents?
[Snoopy and Woodstock]

4. Linus once boasted that he had a memory like the proverbial elephant because he had memorized his Bible verse cold. But what did he forget that forced him to return home while he was on his way to the Christmas pageant?
[The location of the church]

5. Charlie Brown once had a great idea: to put an orange in Woodstock's Christmas stocking. How did the idea backfire?
[Snoopy ate the orange]

6a. Fill in the blank: Sally once gave a report on Santa Claus and his ________ that was rewarded with derisive laughter.
[Rain gear]

6b. What did Charlie Brown do to console her?
[He put his arm around her and said, ``Poor, sweet baby!'']

7. Who scratches people off her Christmas list with great energy?

8. One Christmas eve, Sally and Charlie Brown heard noises on the roof. ``Santa Claus?'' ``Reindeer?'' they conjectured. ``Why not? Who else could it be?'' Who did it turn out to be? [Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts]

9a. Lucy once wanted to be the first to write Santa a Christmas letter; who beat her to the punch?

9b. Lucy once told Santa, ``Just bring me money...preferably _______.'' (Fill in the blank.)
[Tens and twenties. Note: This line was given to Sally in a TV show, but in the strip it was Lucy]

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