Christmas trivia quiz 1

1. In one Christmas play, Marcie was Mary. What was Peppermint Patty?

2. What character did Sally once confuse with the angel Gabriel, thereby greatly disappointing the kid who had been cast in that role?

3a. You might have thought that after diligently rehearsing her line “Hark!” Sally would have gotten it right. But what did she say instead?

3b. Somebody was to sing after the line “Hark!” Who?

4. What did Linus suggest that he and Snoopy do instead of singing Jingle Bells?

5a. “We are here to tell you of a wondrous light…a wondrous light that was a star. The wise men saw the star, and followed it from afar.” The last line of this charming poem was delivered by Linus. What was it?

5b. One year Linus protested that he could not remember his piece, until he saw Lucy’s fist, whereupon his memory suddenly improved. What was the biblical passage in question?

5c. Lucy once remarked sarcastically, “Why didn’t you just start with the first chapter of Genesis while you were at it?” What chapter of the Bible had Linus actually been quoting from?

6. Charlie Brown once ordered a Christmas gift for Sally’s doll set. What was the item and to whom was it mistakenly delivered?

7. Who told Charlie Brown that he had “this whole Santa Claus bit licked”?

8. What initially successful business venture terminated in bandages on Charlie Brown’s fingers and Snoopy’s nose?

9. “I could be the head ME!” Who?

10. Sally once wrote a daring letter, plunging “into the teeth of the storm,” but later had doubts: “Why can’t a person ever be sure?” What experiment was she performing?

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