Woodstock trivia quiz answers

1. Woodstock once sent a bill to Snoopy for something Snoopy broke. What did Snoopy break?
[Woodstock's heart]

2. Name three kinds of birds that Woodstock is not.
[Duck, loon, dove, northern waterthrush, rufous-sided towhee, mourning warbler, ruby-crowned kinglet, hawk, swallow]

3a. Why did Woodstock never finish eagle camp?
[He was washed out for getting too many beak-bleeds]
3b. What school did Woodstock go to where he met some cute chicks but found it hard to compete against robins?
[Worm school]

4. Woodstock once won a fight with the cat next door. Over what?
[Linus's blanket]

5. Describe three activities that Woodstock has performed in Snoopy's water dish.
[Resurfaced with a zamboni, salvaged a sunken ship, tried to swim ten laps underwater]

6. Name four of Woodstock's bird hiking companions.
[Bill, Conrad, Olivier, Harriet, Raymond, Fred]

7. ``But that's the name of the game: BOOTBONK!'' What game?
[(American) football]

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