Peanuts book titles trivia quiz

1. Identify the speakers of the following memorable lines, and where indicated, answer the additional question.

a. I’m not your sweet babboo!
b. Stop snowing on my secretary!
c. It’s great to be a super star…sort of…
(What award had he won?)
d. My anxieties have anxieties.
e. Could you be more pacific?
(About what?)
f. Summers always fly…winters walk!
g. It’s hard work being bitter.
(About what?)
h. Talk is cheep.
i. Thank goodness for people!
j. Don’t be sad, flying ace.
(About what?)
k. There goes our shutout!

2. Again, identify the speakers. Also state the original famous saying on which these puns are based.

a. Speak softly, and carry a beagle.
b. The beagle has landed!
c. A smile makes a lousy umbrella.
d. And Woodstock in a birch tree!

3. “If beagles could fly…” Then what?

4. Who was the April Fool?

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