Snoopy trivia quiz

1a. Snoopy had a painting of what famous artist before it was destroyed in a fire?
1b. How did he punish the thieves who tried to steal it?

2a. What book did Snoopy try to read a word at a time?
2b. In the version he was reading, what was the first sentence?

3a. As an attorney, Snoopy often talks about a certain pair of people. Who?
3b. In one case, Snoopy was called in to handle a real estate dispute. He ended up by assigning one plot of land to each of the pair of people in question 3a. Who were the actual disputants of the plots of land in question?

4a. What fort does Snoopy always lead his bird friends in search of?
4b. After one such escapade, Charlie Brown had to work very hard erasing their tracks. Where?

5a. For sports events, Snoopy often puts a mask over his eyes and calls himself this.
5b. In this guise he once played in a golf tournament with Peppermint Patty and one other kid. What was the other kid’s name?

6a. How do most of Snoopy’s novels start?
6b. Once he almost “wrote himself into a corner,” and then tied it all neatly together—except for one point, which Linus pointed out. What was Linus’s objection?

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