Sally trivia quiz

1a. How does Sally address Charlie Brown?
1b. When Sally was first born, Charlie Brown burst out of his house shouting…what?

2a. List three of Sally’s schoolwork malapropisms.
2b. What was Sally’s attitude towards kindergarten just before and just after the first day of school?

3a. Once Sally went to camp fully expecting to have a miserable time, but ended up having to keep convincing a new girl she met that camp was fun. Who was this new girl?
3b. Sally went to one camp and came back looking very different. What camp was it, and how did she look?

4a. On one field trip, Sally found Linus alone with another girl. Who?
4b. According to early strips, what is the age difference between Linus and Sally?

5a. Fill in the blank: some people thought Sally was crazy because she talked to _______.
5b. Describe a relative of the answer to 5a.

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