Real people trivia quiz 2

1. Who, when informed that he was due for a rabies shot, disappeared faster than Doug Henning?

2. Who was frustrated when the evening news said nothing about Joanne Carner, or Sally Little, or Hollis Stacy, or Billie Jean King, or Rosie Casals, or Sharon Walsh, or Donna Adamek, or Beth Heiden, or Mary Decker, or Conni Place, or Alison Rowe, or Tracy Caulkins, or Karen Rogers, or Evelyn Ashford, or Ann Meyers, or Judy Sladky, or Sarah Docter, or Jennifer Harding, or Shirley Muldowney?

3. Who, after hanging the valley curtain in Colorado and wrapping the walkways in Kansas City, wrapped Snoopy’s doghouse?

4. Who thought that Billy Martin might want the tree that Charlie Brown didn’t want on his pitcher’s mound?

5a. Whose day was spoiled when the teacher asked, “Who was Moses Mendelssohn?”

5b. Who was Moses Mendelssohn?

6. Who insisted that Moses, not Frank Moore Colby, said, “A lopsided man runs fastest along the little side-hills of success”?

7. Who did Marcie think would be glad to hear Peppermint Patty’s promise never to leave home without her library card?

8. Whose portrait on a thirteen-cent stamp did Snoopy think looked like Pancho Gonzales?

9. Who had never heard of Farrah Fawcett Majors or Mary Tyler Moore but, unlike Lucy and Sally, knew where the new post office was?

10. Who gave a report on John Deere, inventor of the self-polishing steel plow, despite never having seen a plow or even a farmer?

11. Who mistakenly thought that Alice met Tiger Woods in Wonderland?

12. Who scoffed that Snoopy’s bow tie and briefcase didn’t make him Oliver Wendell Holmes?

13. When Snoopy asked, ‘In the 1926 version of “Beau Geste,” Ronald Colman played Beau…who played Digby and who played John?’ which Beagle Scout effortlessly answered, “Neil Hamilton and Ralph Forbes!”?

14. How did Sally provide audiovisual support for her report on Walter Diemer, the man who invented bubble gum?

15. Who lovingly hugged Sally and Charlie Brown after listening to Leo Buscaglia tapes?

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