Quotable quotes quiz answers

Identify the speakers of these notable quotes.

1. Charlie Brown, your faith in human nature is an inspiration to all young people.
[Lucy, after pulling away the football]

2. Bill was always jealous because I made ``T/5'' before he did!
[Snoopy, about Bill Mauldin] (Play Ball, Snoopy)

3. Security, like liberty, has be won and rewon many times.
[Linus, after a fight with Snoopy over his blanket]

4. What if I get eaten by an antelope?
[Eudora, voicing her concerns about summer camp to Sally]

5. In my opinion, the dress code is piggy.
[Peppermint Patty] (You Can't Win Them All, Charlie Brown)

6. I don't have a ball team, I have a theological seminary!
[Charlie Brown, as his team discusses the problem of suffering] ( Your Choice, Snoopy)

7. The rain came down harder and harder, but the man with the yellow slicker and big rubber boots never faltered.
[Sally, giving a report about Santa and his rain gear]

8. Good ol' Charlie Brown...how I hate him!
[Shermy, in the first Peanuts strip ever]

9. I don't see any ``cast of thousands''!
[Lucy, complaining about Snoopy's advertising for the Pawpet Theater]

10. I thought praying in school had been banned.
[Franklin, to Peppermint Patty] (You've Got To Be Kidding, Snoopy)

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